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BT Metering System

Sensor/actuator board

Finally I got some spare time to write something about first revision of sensor board (which will also act as an actutor board).

Module is driven using one ATmega8 8-bit AVR by Atmel. Board can be both battery powered or DC powered - there is a place for linear voltage regulator. There is a place for moisture sensor, temperature sensor (both DS18B20 or DHT11/12 series can be used). There is also a simple voltage divider connected to one of inputs of atmega. This is for sensing current battery voltage if circuit is battery-driven. On the PCB there is also place for one MOSFET transistor (for low current/low voltage load) and one relay if there would be a need to turn on/off some devices operated from mains (for example).

Here you can see both circuit of the sensor/actuator board and PCB layout (picture of assembled PCB will be added soon).



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