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LEAF Controller

LEAF Controller PCB rev.0I would like to present (briefly) the LEAF controller - device which allows to get more less functionality of Carwings/Nissan connect on cars which don't have TCU, have TCU disabled (2G?), broken or US cars outside USA.



LEAF Controller is attached to EV-CAN network on LEAF. This might mean simple connection to OBD-II connector (below the steering wheel) or hard-wired connection on the place of TCU. Please note that to use specific features of LEAF controller, the original Nissan's TCU must be disconnected from EV-CAN network. This might result with having DTC visible (but the yellow warning light is not lit).

Communication channel

The LEAF Controller uses SMS communication with user to serve its features. No external server is used so user doesn't have to rely on any external services (like it is in case of original Nissan's concept). As a rule of thumb LEAF Controller simply acts as a SMS subscriber. So whenever user sends a text message, LEAF Controller responds with some response. The only exception is "charging finished" notification and (future feature) alarms.


Currently implemented features are:

  • Get status of LEAF:
    • report SOC (State of Charge) in %
    • report remaining range (km)
    • report current outside temperature (°C)
    • report the charging status (if charging or not, if yes - with what power)
    • report the CC (Climate Control) status
  • Turn on CC remotely
  • Turn off CC remotely
  • Start charging remotely
  • Get detailed status of the car:
    • HV battery voltage
    • HV battery current
    • LV battery voltage
    • Uptime of the LEAF Controller


Future (planned) features are:

  • Report the SOH (State of Health) of the battery
  • Report odometer
  • Report battery temperature(s)
  • Report L1/L2/QC charges counters
  • Report the VIN (for diagnostics)
  • Alarms (send alarming text message) for events:
    • LV battery too low


Optional features to be implemented:

  • Use TCP connection (can be disabled) to report odometer, SOH, charging counters to remote server (serviced by myself) to track battery health over time without writing those data manually. Data will be available after entering the VIN number. This is not yet implemented (only in concept phase so far).
  • Configuration of the controller being possible within a timeframe after startup/reset.
  • Add PIN to provide additional security layer (for "active" functions like turning on/off the CC and remote start of charging).

Currently (as text being written) the device is in second prototype phase.

Security considerations

The device does not provide any security features but actually since it doesn't rely on any server, no security issues are here. Worst case is when someone will somehow get the phone number of SIM card in your LEAF Controller. In such case he might get all the information about your car (see features) and/or start CC or charging remotely. This is the worst case scenario.