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DIY Roomba virtual wall (part 1)

Recently I got an iRobot Roomba as a gift (wedding gift to be precise). With the Roomba itself there was one Virtual Wall included. The idea of diving open area using the virtual wall is a really brilliant one. I quickly found out that I need more than just one such device for instance in the corridor where I have three doors (and which I would like to stay open during vacuuming). I quickly checked eBay et al. and found out that one Virtual Wall for my Roomba would cost ca 40 $USD plus the delivery cost. Therefore I decided to check it how it actually works and if it is possible to make a "Virtual Wall"-like device at my own.



Sensor/actuator board

Finally I got some spare time to write something about first revision of sensor board (which will also act as an actutor board).


Chinese H7 halogen bulbs

Why is it NOT wise to order safety-critical thingies from Chinese shops? Check it out.


Receiver board

In recent days I found some interesting 2.4GHz transceivers on ($1.30 each). Those modules are 3.3V capable of transmitting data at 2Mbps at maximal speed (0.25Mbps and 1Mbps are also possible options). They work in simplex mode. Main idea is to create a simple system for data acquisition from different sensors (like temperature, humidity, light, some binary sensors like flood sensor or door unlocked/locked). Later I also thought, that actuators could be driven using those modules. I started with receiver module, which is described in this article.